EQUITRON Advantages:

  • Fully stainless steel, Die punched burr free perforations.
  • Robust sliding & latching mechanism and Polished crevice free interiors.

Model Product Size Suitable for
#S-0082-15 Dressing Drum Ø 270 x 220mm (11x9") #7407• #7421, #7423
(2 required)
#S-0082-20 Dressing Drum Ø 330 x 280 mm (13 x 11") #7431 / #7433 / #7410-3568
(2 required)
#S-0082-25 Dressing Drum Ø 380 x 300 mm (15 x 12") #7440 / #7441 / #7410-4072
(2 required)

For more details, please send a request on: sales@medicainstrument.com

Dressing Drum is specialized equipment that is used for sterilizing and storing different types of instruments, surgical requisites, and dressings. The device comes with slotted belts and clamps for loosening the belt in order to open or close the perforation on the body.

Features of Dressing Drums:

  • Dressing drums at Equitron Medica are available in different sizes
  • Products that have been mentioned as Super Deluxe are made up of heavy quality
  • High-quality material is used for engineering
  • Highly reliable and durable
  • Can be used to store sterile bathrobes, dressings, and operational linen etc.

Equitron Medica manufacture dressing drums with self-locking systems in order to give extra strength for long lasting performance. Our products are highly durable and corrosion resistance that is ensured by heavy stainless steel material. Available in different size and shapes as per the user requirements. We curate three different models for the dressing drums that are apt for different operations.

Trust the most reliable source and reputed dressing drum manufacturer from India with Equitron Medica.