• EQUITRON Anaerobic Jars are ideal for all tests requiring strict anaerobic conditions in closed environment.

EQUITRON Advantages:

  • A strong moulded and transparent jar, makes it ideal for critical tests requiring visual in process monitoring.
  • A compound gauge (manometer) eliminates guesswork in monitoring cycle process.
  • Aluminium cast lid, heat cured epoxy coated with a bridge clamp for easy tightening.
  • SS Rack for 100 mm Ø plates, with gas pack sachet holder.
  • Cold Catalyst fitted to underside of lid.
  • Compound Gauge on lid.
  • Two needle valves on lid.
  • Safety valve on lid.

Model Product Capacity Inner Dimensions Gross Dimension /
#8160 Anaerobic Culture Jar - Polycarbonate 2.8 L Ø 125 x 230 mm 440 x 400 x 330 mm /
4.4 kg
#8170PC* Anaerobic Culture Jar -
Polycarbonate (GP Series)
2.8 L Ø 125 x 230 mm 440 x 400 x 330 mm /
4.4 kg

* For use with Gas Pack #S1114-30 only. To be ordered separately.

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