• EQUITRON Class B Autoclaves are designed to perform cycles that meet the criteria specified in EN 13060 European standard.
  • For Hollow, packed load, fabrics as well as porous items that do not exceed the specifications of Hollow load Type A.
  • Ideal for Dental, Ophthalmic Surgeons, Surgical Doctors, CSSD, Hospitals, Operation theatres, Polyclinics, Cosmetic Surgery, Pedicure, Tattoo & Veterinary and Biological Labs.

EQUITRON Advantages:

  • Inbuilt recipes for easy operation.
  • Online printing to a thermal printer for improved monitoring.

Construction / Standard Features:

  • Safer and more reliable door structure. A door with locking feature prevents opening while the chamber is under pressure to help minimize dangers to operator.
  • Exhaust steam is discharged to an inbuilt waste water tank thus keeping the room steam free.

Table Top – Front Loading - Class B
Model Chamber Size
(Ø x D )
External Dimension W/D/H in mm Trays Gross Dimension (WxDxH) / Weight
#7474B-22 Ø 250 mm x 450 mm (22)
500 x 650 x 430 3 770 x 570 x 520 mm / 54 kg

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