EQUITRON Table Top Sterilizers are provided with Microprocessor based control panel which gives assured sterilization & repeatability. These Front Loading Autoclaves are provided with inbuilt water reservoir & drying facility. This type of front loading autoclave is ideal choice for doctors.


  • EQUITRON Table Top High Speed Sterilizers are ideal for all applications requiring rapid, reliable and total destruction of all living microorganisms.
  • Ideal for Ophthalmic Surgeons, Dental Surgeons, Surgical Doctors, Polyclinics and Hospitals.

EQUITRON Advantages:

  • Sterilizing, exhaust of water & steam drying are fully automatic.
  • Requires a sterilizing time of just 7 minutes at 134°C (instead of 20 minutes at 121°C).
  • A totally hassle and tension free sterilizer which can even be kept inside an operation theatre.
  • Results reproducible because full cycle is automatic, requiring no human intervention.
  • Single lever pronged closure system with patented Silicone Gasket (registered design No. 208774.)
  • µP Controller with following parameters programmable by user: Sterilizer Time: up to 99 minutes. Sterilizing Temperature: up to 134°C. Drying time: up to 99 minutes.
  • Valves for water filing and exhaust.
  • Drying with door open facility.

Model Capacity Inner Dimensions Tray Gross Dimension / Weight
#7471-16 16 L Ø 230 x 400 mm 2 trays 870 x 840 x 740 mm / 81.4 kg
#7480-2545 22 L Ø 250 x 450 mm 3 trays 840 x 810 x 740 mm / 81.4 kg

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