Table Top Sterilizer - Prabal Series

The Prabal Advanced Series is a high-performance Autoclave that offers ease of use and flexibility. The Autoclave is equipped with pre & post vacuum cycles for effective sterilization of a wide variety of loads including unwrapped, wrapped, porous and liquid loads.

The exceptionally compact design coupled with the faster sterilization cycles makes it an ideal choice for any medical / laboratory set-up that has less space to spare and needs a rapid & hassle-free sterilization solution.

Backed by industry knowledge for over 50+ years, the EQUITRON Autoclave PRABAL series is designed to cover a diverse range of applications in hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, F&B, testing labs, microbiology labs, etc.

EQUITRON Advantages:

  • Unique single lever locking mechanism
  • Standalone operations - eliminates plumbing/drain requirements
  • Compact footprint enables the Autoclave to be placed in constrained benchtop spaces
  • User independent - fully automatic operation
  • Advanced PLC for superior process control and easy monitoring of all process parameters
  • Various optional accessories available depending on load type for efficient sterilization:
    • Optional simple vacuum system for superior air removal and post sterilization drying
    • Optional integrated printer for cycle logging
    • Optional air ballast function for preventing media boil over

Table Top-Front Loading - Prabal
Model Working Chamber
Size (Ø x D ) / Capacity
#7482 300 x 500 mm / 35 L
#7484 400 x 600mm / 75 L

Some of the accessories are Autoclave specific and can be opted for in a particular combination only. Additional accessories are also available than the ones mentioned above.

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