• EQUITRON Prabal series w/Dry is ideal for sterilisation in Healthcare, Pharma QC, QA, Micro, R&D; Chemical Plants, Bio-Labs, Water & Air Pollution Labs, Fisheries, Mineral Water Plants, Food, Beverage & Distilleries, Flight Kitchens, Mass Kitchens and Hygiene dept at Five Star Hotels.

EQUITRON Advantages:

  • Energy efficient industrial grade high temperature heaters - save power upto 33%.
  • Automatic purging of steam and exhaust with water.
  • Dual scales of psi and kPA with temperature readout.
  • Accurate temperature control with display of all process and set values on the graphical display.
  • Electrical on / off safety switch.
  • Easy draining of water reservoir.
  • Boltable rear legs prevent tip-over.


  • Leak-proof sealing with design registered gasket design.
  • Safe and sturdy chamber manufactured to ASME standards in SS 304.
  • Abrasion resistance and durable finish by heat cured epoxy coating on steel exterior.
  • Convenient and fast single lever locking of lid.
  • Three trays.

Table Top-Front Loading - Prabal
Model Working Chamber
Size (Ø x D ) / Capacity
Trays Gross Dimension /
#7482 300 x 500 mm / 35 L 2 nos 1030 X 900 X 820 / 135 kg
#7484 400 x 600mm / 75 L 3 nos 1130 X 1000 X 920 /175 kg

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