Rotary Evaporator Manufacturers

Ideal for applications like standard solvent distillations, concentration of reaction mass or solutions, separation of solvents from extracts, crystallization, powder drying, etc.


  • Intuitive Touchscreen Operation: The advanced touchscreen interface allows precise operation of all process parameters.
  • Instant Rotation Speed Control: Instant adjustment of rotation speed with the Magic Knob.
  • Comprehensive Solvent Library For The Most Complex Distillations: Start your operations with the touch of a finger with the in-built solvent library.
  • Intuitive Lift Automation: Set your parameters and ROTEVA will do the rest.
  • Splash Safety: Operating panel located at the base to prevent scalding from any splashing bath fluid and rotating flask.
  • Power Failure: Auto lift on power failure.

Technical Specification:

Parameter Specification Parameter Specification
Lift Motorised Flask Ejector Yes
Height Adjustment (mm) 170 Bath Inner MOC SS 1.4301
Rotation speed (rpm) 20-280 Bath fill volume (L) 5
Drive direction control Bidirectional/Reversible Max flask accommodation (ml) 3000/50001
Condenser Vertical/Diagonal Temp range (°C) Ambient +5 to 200
Continuous feed Yes Power connection Integrated at back panel
Condenser Cooling Area (cm2 ) 1200 / 1500* Heating rating (W) 1200
Feed stopcock MOC PTFE Operating conditions 5 to 35°C (at 80% RH)
Threaded connectors for utilities Yes Power Supply 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase2
NOTE: All the Evaporators are supplied with one litre evaporating and receiving flasks as standard.

1. 5000ml flask can be accommodated with the optional heating bath.

2. Other voltages available on request.

* 1500 cm2 condenser cooling area can be offered on request

For more details, please send a request on:


Model Item
#8766.V0 ROTEVA 66 Series - with Vertical Condenser
#8766.D0 ROTEVA 66 Series - with Diagonal Condenser
#8610-0400 EQUITRON XTEMP Recirculating Chiller (Cooler)
#9072.002.VD Vacuum Pump – Variable-2mbar / 20 LPM
#9072.005 Vacuum Pump - PTFE Coated Diaphragm-5mbar / 38LPM
#9072.040 Vacuum Pump - PTFE Coated Diaphragm-40 mbar / 38 LPM
#8950 Vacuum Controller Module for ROTEVA 66 series
#8940 Vapour Sensor Module for ROTEVA 66 series
#8485CB-BAS Heating Bath- for 5000ml flask


Integrated Vacuum Controller:

  • Integrated vacuum controller provides you with the maximum capability for vacuum control and aeration.**
  • Can be connected to any vacuum source.

** (Not required if the rotary evaporator is to be used with #9072.002.VD).

Vapour Temperature Sensor:

  • For accurate monitoring of evaporation temperature.

EQUITRON XTEMP Recirculating Chiller(Cooler)

  • Compact design and whisper quiet performance
  • Easy to readtemperature screen with status and audio-visual alarms
  • PID Temperature Control with setting/display resolution of 0.1ºC
  • Built-in pump with capacity of 15 LPM
  • Cooling capacity of 400W at 20ºC
  • Temperature Range : -10º to RT
  • Contact us for additional options for Chillers for higher cooling capacities (For cooling capacity up to 750W at 15ºC, click here. For cooling capacity up to 2500W at 15º C, click here)

Vacuum Pump –Variable - 2 mbar (20 LPM)

  • PTFE coated variable drive energy efficient diaphragm pump manufactured with German technology
  • Digital Controller with display of actual and set values
  • Supplied with solvent trap

Vacuum Pump - PTFE coated diaphragm 5 mbar (38 LPM)

  • PTFE coated diaphragm pump manufactured with German technology
  • Supplied with solvent trap

Vacuum Pump - PTFE coated diaphragm 40 mbar (38LPM)

  • PTFE coated diaphragm pump manufactured with German technology
  • Supplied with solvent trap

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