• EQUITRON STELLA series Autoclaves are ideal for tests involving controlled progressive heat up & cooling applications.
  • Ideal for Extractable & Leachable tests in Pharma, QC, QA, R&D Labs, Production & Bio-Labs for all situations requiring critical control over the entire process of sterilization.

EQUITRON Advantages:

  • Analysis as per USP standards
  • Controlled Steam Injection to attain the critical requirements of USP 660
  • Online documenting of 1 temperature and 1 pressure channel along with F0 summation to external DMP (included)
  • Touch screen PLC with password protection upto 3 levels
  • Ergonomically designed single lever closing of lid and external square panel design
  • Lid safety - process will not start unless lid locked fully and lid will not open when chamber under pressure
  • Over temperature safety with independent alarm
  • Chamber designed and tested as per ASME guidelines
  • Chamber and lid fully SS 304. External panels also of SS 304, epoxy coated for abrasion resistance and durable finish
  • With SS wire mesh Carrier(s) and spare gasket

Model Ch. / Eff.
Usable Inner
Max. Oprtng.
Product Ext.
#7421EL 43 / 35 L Ø 300 x 500 mm 103.4 kPA (15 psi) / 122ºC 660 x 460 x 980 mm 0.62 m3 / 80 kg

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