Suitable for operations where cleanliness & purity is required such as plant tissue culture, examination of & experimentation with precision electronic parts, biotechnology, medical sciences, microbiology, etc

EQUITRON Advantages:
  • High-performance special HEPA filters produce a Class 100 or better environment
  • Low discharge volume with a quiet operation mechanism
  • Ventilated unit with inward air flow for personnel & product protection
  • In-built timer for UV light
  • Inbuilt LCD controller with audio-visual alarm for HEPA filter blockage
  • Counter balanced sliding sash door ensures clear view of work area
  • Provided with arm rest and drainage port
  • Provision for gas, air & electric socket

Model Usable Dimensions (W x D)
#8110T-3 3 x 2 ft
#8110T-4 4 x 2 ft
#8110T-5 5 x 2 ft

*Add suffix “-SS” for GMP model with full SS 304 construction

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