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Equitron - Laboratory Equipment Suppliers India.

Equitron being one of the brands under the main manufacturing company called Medica Instrument Mfg Co which was established in the year of 1967 is rightly considered as one of the major player as a dependable laboratory autoclaves manufacturers which is well-known for its quality manufacturing of highly-reliable medical equipments and tool used in various medical centers, hospitals, research and diagnosis centers, nursing homes and many other relevant places where medical procedures and tests are carried on.

As one of the leading laboratory suppliers India, Equitron has rightly maintained its reputation and good will in the market not only through its well-known list of clients but also through the high-quality and standardized medical instruments and equipments which are tried and tested and have gained full marks in all other reasonable and useful features like safety measures, technical specifications, functional supremacy, long lasting execution and easy usability. Equitron has succeeded in providing high-valuable and reliable supplies of equipments like laboratory ultrasonic bath, autoclaves of various kinds, laboratory water bath and types of sterilizers etc to its clients which are spread not only across various parts of India but also in overseas countries like Middle East, South America, Africa and South East Asia.

The manufacturers have also gained mastery in producing and supplying laboratory round oil bath with highly-recommendable attributes and technical specifications. We at Equitron completely understand the necessity and significance of supplying not only high quality medical instruments but also equipments which are made of reliable and robust raw materials which ensure longevity of our products which at the same time meet all the safety parameters and factors as the products used will be responsible to assist doctors and medical practitioners and processes which in turn take care of thousands of human lives and thus we comprehend the value of life and make sure to provide the best quality services and products to our clients who would not need to compromise or think twice about the supplied products and tools.

Accuracy, reliability and efficiency are the traits we attach with all our medical instruments which leaves no doubt about their performance, perfect diagnosis and desirable functionality. Our clients who deal with us are also provided after-sales support and material service visits from our dealers and thus we take care of the entire process from selling the products to checking out whether they are meeting our clients’ requirements and needs accordingly and thus we are able to maintain good business relations with our clients, customers and dealers.